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            1. 科萊爾公司“以人為本,技術創新,服務客戶”的企業理念,我們將不斷地追求讓“珂萊爾”成為國內品牌,更好地為我國綠色環境不斷改善做出貢獻。
              排污泵/攪拌機/回流泵/曝氣機/污水提升器廠家 注重產品質量 提高服務品質 一站式服務


              AP(QXBL)型潛水離心曝氣機AP(QXBL) Centrifugal Submerged Aerator用 途 Applications AP(QXBL)型離心式潛水曝氣機用于污水處理廠曝氣池、曝氣沉砂池中,對污水的混合液進行充氧及混合,以及對污水進行生化處理或養殖塘增氧。進氣量為 10-320m3/h,增氧能力為 0.37-24kgO2/h,電機功 率 0.75-22kw。The type AP( QXBL) cent

              產品詳情PRODUCT DETAILS

              AP(QXBL) Centrifugal Submerged Aerator
              用 途 Applications
              AP(QXBL)型離心式潛水曝氣機用于污水處理廠曝氣池、曝氣沉砂池中,對污水的混合液進行充氧及混合,以及對污水進行生化處理或養殖塘增氧。進氣量為 10-320m3/h,增氧能力為 0.37-24kgO2/h,電機功 率 0.75-22kw。
              The type AP( QXBL) centrifugal submerged aerator is used for the aerating ditch and sand removed ditch in the wastewater treatment plant, and oxygenating and mixing liquid, andhad biochemical treatment or aerated the oxidation ditch. The amount of entering air is 10-320m3/h, the ability of oxygenation is 0.37-24kgO2/h, the power of motor is 0.75-
              型號表示方法 Model
              AP(QXBL) -
              ┃                                                  ┃
              ┃                                                  ┃
              ┗━━ 電機功率 POWER (KW)
                                                                  ┗━━━━━━━━  離心式潛水曝氣機 TYPE AP(QXB) CENTRIFUGAL SUBMERGED AERATOR
              特 點 Features
              1. 結構緊湊、占地面積小、安裝方便;
              2. 除吸氣口外,其余部分潛入水中運行,噪音??;
              3. 吸入空氣多,產生氣泡多而細,容氧率高;
              4. 無需提供氣源,省去鼓風機,工程投資少;
              5. 結構采用新的技術設計,整機重量輕,運行安全可靠。
              1. Well-knit structure, less land occupation, convenient installation;
              2. The other parts operated below the water except the inlet, the yawp was small;
              3. The air inbreathed was much, produced the bubble much and close, and the rate of oxygenwas high;
              4. Provided the air without headstream, left out the blower, and the cost of projece
              was low;
              5. Instruction was designed by the new technology method with light and portable, and operated safe and reliably.
              構造及工作過程 Structure and working process
              潛水曝氣機由潛水射流泵、混合室、底座、進氣管和消音器等組成。 進氣管上端為空氣吸入位于水面之上,下端與混合室聯通,接通電源后由于葉輪旋轉,水流從葉輪的出口流出經混合室使之形成負壓,因而空氣被吸入并與液體混合,混合液從周邊流出,完成對液體的充氧。
              The submerged aerator is composed of submerged pump, mixing room, the seat, inlet pipe, muffle and so on.
              The top of inlet pipe was above the surface of water, the underside was connected with mixing room, because the impeller had circumgyrated after the power supply was turn on, the high-speed water poured through the mixing room, and formed the negative pressure, the air was inhaled into and mixed with liquid. The mixed liquid poured from the side, and achieved the oxygenation to liquid.
              主要性能參數 Main Performance Parameters
              1. 介質溫度不超過40℃
              2. 介質的PH 值在 5~9
              3. 介質密度不超過 1150kg/m3
              The submerged aerator functions continuous at the following conditions:
              1. The temperature not exceeding 40℃
              2. The PH value 5~9 in the medium
              3. medium density not exceeding 1150kg/m3
              電氣控制 Electrical control
              按手動配置控制箱,接入曝氣機熱保和漏??刂凭€,可帶 PLC 接口,亦可按用戶要求配置。
              D-QXB-I 控制箱適用于電源為三相 380V、頻率 50Hz,控制潛水曝氣機的起停,可以通過 PLC 接口潛水曝氣機運行的自動控制系統。并具有過載、短路、缺相、泄露、過熱等保護功能。
              Configure the manual controller, could have the PLC interface, could configure according to customer’s demands.
              外形尺寸 Diensions

              工作實例 Working Example